That doctor bruised my chest! Whaaaaa

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    I went to have a consultation with a G.I. doctor yesterday, he pressed on my tummy and ochie wochie did that hurt! But that didn’t hurt as bad as him pressing on my chest! HOLY MOLY! The right side didn’t hurt...But the left side oh my goodness! My chest feels bruised today! Hurts to move and touch it!
    He told me that it may not be my acid reflux...It could be arthritis. I can’t exercise till we find out what is going on…UGHHHH What am I gonna do without my Wii Fit!?!?
    Anyhoo...I will have a Upper GI Endoscopy on Wednesday morning. I’m having a fun, testing kinda medical year! FUN, FUN, FUN! I hope I’m gettin all this old person stuff over with now so I can enjoy the rest of my forties! man-o-man...It’s gotta get better, right?
    I do have GOOD news! I’m gonna be a great Auntie again! My Pookie is gonna be a big brother! Not sure on the due date yet but looks like around January. HOW EXCITING! Congrats to my niece and nephew-in-law...I can’t wait for the 20th family member to arrive! XOXO
    I wanted to go down to the Audubon Zoo, but it’s gonna rain ALL weekend! So we are gonna have a lazy indoor, Rock Guitar, movie watchin, veggie burgers w/ chips weekend. It’s dark outside now, so I guess the rain is on the way...I am SURE a nap or two will fit in this weekend also! =0)

Happy Memorial Day weekend...Hope you and yours enjoy it!


  1. Carzy weather... It sure hasn't rained yet! Phooey!!! Makes me sick we didn't plan sumpin! Oh well, at least I am with my Cheekie Monkie!

  2. sorry the dr was a little rough on you...I hope you feel better soon...and I say getting it all out of the way at the way to go....congrats on the new baby soon....and have a fab weekend...

  3. I sure hope you can get all these medical woes behind you.

    Have a great long weekend, and enjoy your nap:)

  4. I will be thinking of you tomorrow morning!

    Be sure to come over and enter a giveaway that is going on at my blog.

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