Got my claws out…Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

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    My doctor put me on fish oil along with meds for my cholesterol and triglycerides. It is making my nails GROWN like crazy! I normally keep them filed short, but there is no way I can keep up with them anymore! So I have claws now LOL They look nice and Lovie likes them =0)
    Lovie and I went to Wal Mart Monday, I wasn’t feeling very well when we got there. I was really raspy and out of breath while talking on the phone with my Momma.
    After I got off the phone I had to stop to catch my breath. I SEARCHED my bag for my inhaler and couldn’t find it anywhere! UGH
    We went on and I had to stop again. Lovie told me I kinda spaced out and started passing out, he caught me...Thank goodness he was with me! He had me sit down, the only place was on boxes of diapers! LOL I was sweating like crazy and felt as I needed to vomit, I felt like I was dying, I was scared. He took me to the front of the store to sit on a bench and got me some water. I started feeling better and finished our shopping as quickly as I could go...
    I went straight to my nest when we got home. All we could think was it was my acid reflux acting up. I took a nap and didn’t feel any better when I woke. I ate dinner, that didn’t help.
    I was up till 5AM hurting! Lovie gave me pepto then an alka seltzer, that helped me BURP! OH it felt GREAT! Only two lil burps, but it made a world of difference! I sleep most of the day!
    I’m feeling much better and FINALLY have an appointment for my consultation for a Upper GI on May 22! It’s hard to get those folks on the phone! WHEW!
    We’re going to Lovie’s grandparent’s tonight for dinner with them and Lovie Mom. Crawfish pie...YUMMY just PRAY it doesn’t put in pain again! Have a giggly day...


  1. OMG - how scary! Thank goodness your Lovie was there with you to take care of you. Take care of yourself girlie!


  2. I am so glad Lovie was with you at WalMart. I once had a lady pass out at the store. Pretty scary when the person is alone.

  3. Im glad i was with you too! I really hope the Crawfish pie doesnt mess with you too. i think I'll have you take a zantac before supper just for good measure! I love You!


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