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     Spring has SPRUNG! Lovie and I have been having as much fun as our sinuses and his allergies will let us! 

We started out with going to a Cajun Fest at Magnolia Mound Plantation. They had cajun music, cajun dance lessons, lot’s of hands on displays from the 1800’s. It was really neat.

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We also went to LSU to see Mike the Tiger VI. He was in pacing mood, didn’t want to play. But he made sure everyone got a good look at him!
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For St. Patrick's Day we went to The Wearing of The Green parade! We have never been...We had so much fun! It will be a yearly thing for us! Lot’s of laughs, beads and GREEN BEER!

We made our yearly visit to Oak Alley Plantation’s Spring Fest! Daddy and Momma went with us, we all enjoyed the food, the weather and the mint juleps! The weather couldn’t have been better, perfect in the shade and just a bit warm in the sun!
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Nottoway Plantation (on our way home we stopped by, part of Lovie family history)
    Lot’s more festival’s and such going on down here in the bayou country and we plan on doing as many as possible! 
    I have been having lot’s of doctor appointments lately, I haven’t told any of my friends about all of it, but I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. I have to give myself two shots a day to help my insulin work properly. 
    My doctor took me off my cholesterol med because it will make your body ache. His goal is to have me off all my meds in a year! Tomorrow will be one week on the shot and off crestor (cholesterol med) I can tell a difference! 
    Now let’s talk about this SHOT MESS! Some of you know me and know that I can not handle shots! I can’t look at a needle with out going weak in the knees! I cry when they have to take blood! 
    When he told me “you can give yourself a shot twice a day right”...My mouth feel open and LOVIE spoke for me with “Yes she can” It was an OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE! I wasn’t hearing this, Lovie was not agreeing to this! OMGawd! WAIT! WHAT! NO! HOLD ON! I jerked me head toward Lovie and said “WHAT?!?!” He just giggled and rubbed my leg and told me “you can do this” HA yeah okay! 
    So off we go to the pharmacy get the “SHOT” filled and head home! Time rolls around for the “SHOT” HEREEeeeeee comes Lovie with the “SHOT” BAHAHAHA...He and I read the instruction (I’m being a big girl sooooo brave) I put the “NEEDLE” on turn the end like HE told me and UPCAP the “NEEDLE” OMGawd! I start feel wooooozy, here come the weak in the knees, the stomach just FA-LIPPED! AND here’s a lil tear...OMGawd I gotta give myself a “SHOT”! WHOAAAA! 
    Sucked it up STUCK myself and UGH LOVIE said “WAIT” you gotta turn it like this...”WAIT” “WHAT” You gotta be kidding me right?!?!? RE-DO? HOLY MACARONI! Okay...Keep calm, re-do I can do this! After the fifth time we got it RIGHT! I am a pin cushion thank you Lovie! <rolling eye’s> 
    Needless to say I take my shot twice a day with no problems, didn’t think I would EVER be able to do it! It’s a TINY lil needle! Gawd I’m suck a ninny!

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring! Have a wonderful night!

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