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   OMGoodness! Lovie and I are so loving our new sofa, we are like two big ole’ lounge cats when he gets home and gets what he has to do around here, we have dinner and get our baths and “GET ON THE SOFA”! We are still stayi...(well “I” stay up, Lovie naps off and on ~giggle) ng up late on our blogs, tweaking, adding, moving things, ect... With the short time that I strayed away from blogging things changed, OH MY things changed! ~giggle There are so many new things and ways to blog, share and design! I have been on a pink cloud with it all! LOVE IT!
Lovie was asked to write for WDWDads / The Man Cave of Disney! I am soooo excited and proud of him! He started blogging a few years ago as a picture blog, he slowly started putting post up! He saw the Meme’s (Blog Fun) that I was doing and got interested in some of those (besides the I <3 Faces) Then I fell off the Blog wagon and he did also...But we are both back and Blogging just as happy as two Bloggers can blog! And he WRITES for WDWDads! TOO sAAAAweet!
    I have started feeling better (burning mouth / ankle) I cried for three nights in a row in pain with the burning, not thinking I could take it any longer! I have an appointment for my ankle on March 29! It is feeling better somewhat...UGH! Lovie couldn’t get me an appointment with an ENT for anytime soon and I needed to be seen “last week”! So...In so much pain he took me to the ER. They did blood work, swabbed my throat (OUCH!) and x-rayed my foot / ankle. No mono, no Thrush/Thrash, no strep, no fractures, no breaks in the ankle! It had to be an bacterial infection on my tongue (like I had talked about a few days ago...Cheilitis) MORE meds. =0/  ANNNND swish with peroxide w/ water...OH YUCK, but it is WORKING! WoOT WOoT The burning is not as bad with each day and the antibiotics are helping! Thank goodness! NOW to make it to my 3/29 appt for my ankle! WOOT!
    Sunday some friends and their two lil ones stopped by to see the house, it was a great, long over due visit with them! The kids got a kick outta the ducks out by the lake, Lovie and his buddy talked about fishing, ya know “men stuff” ~giggle Us girls took a tour of the house and sat inside to chat and catch up. I’m so glad they popped in, good times!
   I landed on the NEATEST page this week! OMGoodness! Rhonna Designs has the best ideas and printable things! Great ideas for cards, craft how to’s...OH MY! All kinds of lovely things! Also she had a GREAT list of her FAV TOP TEN photo apps! Click HERE to read all about them! GREAT stuff...I down loaded ALL 10! HA! Check out these pics I did!
Ok I think I will go catch a dream, blog fun later today ~ HAPPY FRIDAY!

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  1. A wonderful post my love! I enjoy reading your blog so immensely! Happy Friday I <3 You~


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