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The Color Run Tropicolor

It's that time of year again to take a run around our beautiful city and play in some color! This is the third time for us to run The Color Run

Each year they have a theme, last year was "shine", we had glittery powder to toss at the finishing party! This years theme is Tropicolor...Escape for a mini tropical vacation! At the finish there will be sandy beach, inflatable palm trees, beach balls and more!

The Color Run donates a portion of their profits to a local charity in our town...Girls on the Run/South Louisiana  Girls on the Run is a transformational physical activity based positive youth development program for girls in 3rd - 8th grade. We teach life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games. The program culminates with the girls being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k running event. The goal of the program is to unleash confidence through accomplishment while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness.

If you haven't participated in The Color Run in your area...You're missing out on some amazing fun! This is THE HAPPIEST 5K on earth! 


Rock the dots...

Rock the dots...

A lil camo...

Beach day with Disney

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