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    I’m having a rough time dealing with this Metabolic mess! I keep getting sick, either nauseated or my acid reflux acts ups HORRIBLY! I’m hanging in because I’m told this will pass…UGH!
   Over the weekend I learned a BIG lesson! I forgot to take my shot Saturday at 5PM as normal...So I ate dinner and took it around 7:30PM, SICK as a dog! Today I ate two cookies before I took my shot this afternoon, again SICK! UGH I learned NOT to eat BEFORE my shot!
    I will be so glad when this sick and acid reflux mess passes! On a good note I have lost 18 lbs! Soooo...It is helping with getting my insulin straight! My doctor told me I make five times more insulin than I should! (told y’all I was sweet!) HA!
    Just wanted to update my blog, I have neglected once again! Hope every one enjoyed Easter and Mother’s Day as much as we did! have a great night!



  1. I too pray that you adjust and feel better soon! I am proud of you for loosing 18 pounds, It takes willpower to change eating habits. I am working on that! Love you! XXOO

  2. Thank you Lovie! I love you to the moon! XOXO


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