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    Well the time has finally arrived! Lovie has FINALLY realized we have to get the girls spayed! “Belle” is now 8 yrs and “Lexi” is 7 yrs old! I have wanted them fixed for years now, but he was not sure about it.
    We are going to Disney in December (I KNOW SHOCKER HUH!?!), the girls will be staying at the Disney Best Friends Pet Care Resort, without being spayed they can’t have play time outside and in the playroom with the other pups! I don’t want my girls to miss out! Soooo...Next week my girl will have surgery! Ekkkk! I’m nervous and excited! Please say a lil prayer for my fur babies! Thank you!


    Also...BIG NEWS! “Lexi” is enrolled in SCHOOL! <jumping up and down> My rag dolly of a lazy pup is going to school! WooT! She has a BAD habit of trying to rule the roost with other pups around and beats but “Belle”! Our last out of town trip we found “Lexi” had pierced “Belle’s” ear!! OUCH! That was the last straw!
    Lovie was already searching for a muzzle for her for our next visit to NC! GAWD poor doggie! And POOR “Millie”! I was considering bringing bubble wrap for her tail...”Lexi” thought it was a chew toy! The trainer promised us she can get her under control! YAHOOOOOOOOO! The biggest battle will be getting Lazy Lexi UP on her feet to participate...OY!


Hope everyone had a LOVED filled Valentine’s!

20 days till Mardi Gras!

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  1. Yes I have been hesitating for years! I am glad the vet gave me some piece of mind. I want my girls to play with Millie and all the pups! :) Love Ya Cheeks!


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