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      Every time I turn around I’m pleasing someone, making someone happy, upsetting another one, hurting someone’s feelings, confusing someone, ect...I can’t seem to please everyone. My emotions have been on a roller coaster. I feel like I don’t know where I belong or where I want to be. (not when things comes to Lovie, we are happy)  
    When I try to do things for myself, that upsets others. I try to stand on my own feet and they get knocked out from under me. At some point in my life I have to be allowed to walk on my own.
     I don’t like when I upset anyone, it hurts my heart. I pride myself on being a good person and trying to be good to others, but it seems the more I try the more grief I get. If you are one I have caused pain, upset or confused reading this “I’m sorry”. I treat people the way I would like to be treated. I try to be there for the ones I love, I don’t expect anything in return, it’s just what I do because I care.
    Again I’m sorry if I have upset, left out or confused anyone...It was never my intention, things have been really difficult the last two months.


  1. I respect your thought's and words! I personally don't think that you have left anyone out, or put yourself out there to cause any ill intent! Nonetheless, you are a wonderful woman, and very compassionate. Nothing states that more than the obvious. The "Obvious" being an open apology for simply loving to care!! I love you!!

  2. Reading this again a few months later... I soooo, realize that your inner self wrote this comment! Jodi you are a wonderful person, anyone that feels otherwise, is highly misunderstood! I Love you to the moon and beyond!

  3. I love yo to the moon and back!
    I have dismissed some of those people in my life that were making feel that way and it feels GREAT not to have the negative in my life.
    You're my rock!


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