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    Slackin again on my blog...UGH! It seems like all I want to do it sleep. I’ve been working out three days a week and it feels great...But the “sleep monster” attacks me every afternoon! Naps are good for you, but sleeping for up to three hours! COME ON! I don’t stay up late like I use to, bedtime is between 10PM and midnight. I go from not being able to go to sleep to sleeping too much.
    We spent Thanksgiving with Lovie’s Momma’s in Atlanta! Lovie’s sister, hubby and kiddies came over, I so enjoyed them! Lovie and his Momma cooked an amazing meal! Oh we all ate way too much and enjoyed every bite of it! The best part of the meal was just sitting at the table talking and reminiscing.
    Our besties from North Carolina came down to stay the weekend. On Friday we went into downtown Atlanta, The World of Coke was fun! Lot’s of history, item from over the years, a 4D movie that was a LIL more water sprinkles than needed! LOL And tasting of Coke from all over the world...I didn’t taste, I don’t drink soda’s, but they all had fun! And made some faces! HA It was a fun tour!

    We had tickets to tour CNN, but that didn’t work out...They don’t have their act together very well with Coke on the touring! UGH...Like my friend told them “No you don’t understand”! HAHA! So off we go to get on the MARTA (the train) to go to The Underground Hmmm...This got very interesting! It wasn’t the way Lovie and I remembered it AT ALL! Needless to say we didn’t shop or stay long, back to the MARTA for us! While waiting for the train my friend say “OH MY GAWD that’s a rat”! A rat was running on the track...I thought I was gonna fall over laughing!
    Saturday we went to Stone Mountain for the Christmas festival. Saw a few shows, rode the train while we sang Christmas carols, meet the Christmas Angel, bought some Christmas ornaments...Drank LOT’S of hot chocolate! Had tons of laughs together! It was great! The kids enjoyed it best of all! It was hard to say goodbye to everyone and head back home...But we are thankful for the time spent with all!

    Lovie turned 40 yesterday! No big celebration because we are going to DISNEYWORLD! We leave on the 23rd and we will ring in the New Year! We are so excited! We will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary while there also! Gonna spend Christmas day in The Magic Kingdom!



    Have a great night...I’m off to get MORE sleep!

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  1. Wow, Disneyworld looks so amazing - I am so jealous!

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