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    Life has been very emotional since my last blog.  We left for Disney World on Dec. 23rd, celebrated Christmas Eve at Hollywood Studios (which was MAGICAL!) Christmas day we sleep in VERY late then meandered around some of the resorts and had dinner at Boatwright Dining Hall , we settled in for a nap till our NC Besties arrival around 2AM.
    They arrived, Lovie went down to welcome them and help bring luggage to the rooms. Everyone settled in...Then things started. Mr. NC started coughing up blood. 911 was called and off to the hospital they went. They girls, Breeze and Bannah came to our room.
    His lung collapsed and he went into cardiac arrest as he arrived to the ER. We took the girls to Celebration Hospital later to see their Pa/G’Daddy. The doctors ran test and did some procedures on him to see what was going on since he had lung cancer. They needed to move him to the bigger hospital to run another procedure, he went to Florida Hospital Orlando
    He was in ICCU, the doctor wanted all of us to go to on of the parks and let him rest, his BP keep spiking. As we were gathering to get in the vehicles the doctor called Lovie and said he was in cardiac arrest for the second time to get the family there as fast as he could. We all jumped in the car and Lovie drove as fast and careful as possible. On the interstate he drove on the shoulder. We were stopped by a road maintenance person twice, Lovie had to get out and explain to him why he was on the shoulder, the guy told him “ya gonna get a ticket” Lovie told him “I don’t care”.   
    We arrived safely and rushed up to the ICCU. They were working on him...They did CPR on him for 17 minutes. We all prayed hard and he fought and came back to us! He was on life support for several days, we rang in the New Year all holding hands with him as Auld Lang Syne played through out the hospital.  He couldn’t open his eye’s or speak to us, but he knew we were there.
    Breeze and Bannah couldn’t have been two better kids! They didn’t moan, complain, whine or fuss about not getting to go to the parks.  I enjoyed taking care of them both so much. They both have found a snuggly spot in my heart for sure!  They both were worried and stressed out, they got on one another nerves at times, but we three smoothed those nerves out and remembered why we were there, for Pa/G’Daddy. My two sweet girls...I love them. On New Years Day they had to go home to get back to school, so they and “B” had to leave, that was hard saying goodbye to those three!
    Mr. NC’s one wish was to “go home”! Lovie started his research on getting him back to NC. He found a private airline that would fly him home. Angel MedFlight was his way back home to his family and friends!  He had a safe flight and checked into the hospital, a week later he was moved to an assisted living home to start rehab therapy. We talked to him or the family everyday via cell or Skype. He was doing good. On January 18 we received the dreaded phone call…He wasn’t doing so well. He passed away in the arms of his wife, daughter and son-in-law at “home” in North Carolina.
    We took the first flight out the next morning, my heart was broken for my friend. She was Daddy’s girl. I couldn’t imagine the pain she was going through, I just knew I needed to be there for her and to tell Mr. NC goodbye. I needed to hug his grand daughters and family...
    Lovie and I meet so many wonderful family members and friends that love Mr. NC, we were so honored to be in the presence of them honoring him. The wake and service was very hard but beautiful all the same. “A” stood and spoke about her Daddy...Tear flowed out of my eye’s for her very hard as I held her daughter and niece very close as they cried. 
    I’m very disappointed my life was not blessed with meeting Mr. NC earlier in it, but will cherish the time he was in it. I’ve learned so much about life, family and friends through this. Life is fragile, tough, short and long...Never take it for granted! Always stop and smell the roses, always say your sorry and I love you, never turn your back on a person, “anything” can be forgiven and everyone deserves love.



5/25/45  –  1/18/11




  1. Well Written, spoken, and said!! You my bride are an amazing writer. You can turn words and description into a novel in which all of us enjoy reading! I Love you! Thank you sooo my Tanya, Tavia, Case Manager Nelly, and Jeremy Freer CEO of Angel MedFlight! Although he succumbed to complications, everyone did the absolute best that could be done! I love every one involved, that brought some Peace to my Buddy!

  2. Jeaudi, hon, you know I catch bits & pieces of what has been going on with you & McFluffy via Facebook, but I am so glad I came here and read this post - now I really understand what y'all have been going through.



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