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    Disney for Halloween was like nothing I had imagined! Everything was dripped in fall festive colors, it was beautiful! We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa


    Lovie and I didn’t know where to start first! We were so excited with all the decorations! We meet up with our Disney Cast Member “T” for a visit and wondered around the Magic Kingdom for a little while, then we had to make it over to Epcot for dinner reservations.
    Our first night out was in Italy at Via Napoli, a new restaurant in Epcot. The food was out standing! Lovie had the pizza with fresh truffles...OH MY how good! I didn’t think I would even give it a try, glad I did! I had the veal...WoW, that’s about all I can say to sum it up! It was wonderful! At dessert time they cam out and sang to Lovie...It was nice to see the attention on him.
     On Saturday Cast Member “T” meet us at the resort and we went over to Down Town Disney. Oh did we have fun shopping for Christmas goodies for the nephews and nieces! I also shopped at my ALL TIME fav shop TrenD! I found some really neat stuff there! Lovie bought me the Princess Dooney & Bourke tote! OH I’m in love with it! Look how pretty!

    After we shopped till we just about DROPPED! We got a ice coffee and sat by the lake for a bit, then back to freshen up to get ready for dinner at 1900 Park Lane with Cinderella, Prince Charming, The Evil Step Mother and the MEAN step sisters! We meet up with Cast Member “T”s hubby “cmB” did some shopping then went to dinner! HAVE to shop! We had a ball with the step sisters, they cracked us up!
    On Monday we headed over to Epcot for the Food & Wine Festival. Lovie was EXCITED! <giggle> Our first stop was Fifteen Beers for Fifteen Years...We choose three, don’t even ask me what they were! But they were good!
    At each country you could choose (you paid as you went) from three to four foods, drinks and desserts. Each one smelled very tempting...But there is no way you can eat and drink from each and every booth. 
    We had a gentleman tell us we HAD to get the “etouffee” from the booth in Asia. This gentleman told us that Asia is “where” etouffee was CREATED. I laughed and said “I’m sorry but we’re from Louisiana and it wasn’t.” He started getting all “SASSY” with me so I just hushed my mouth! <giggle>
    The most exciting thing of our day at Epcot was meeting “Duffy”! He is a new character for Disney. “Duffy” is Mickey’s bear, Minnie made him for Mickey when he had to go on a trip so Mickey wouldn’t be lonely. He (“Duffy”) was adorable, he welcomed me with open arms! So of course I bought the plush as a souvenir!


    On Tuesday we drank coffee and visited with Cast Member “T” and “B” before they packed up to head home. We were so happy they could come and spend time with us on their days off! We wished them well, passed around hugs and said our goodbyes...Till next time.
     That night was Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! I took a nap because I had a head ache, I wasn’t thinking and set my alarm way too late! Lovie woke me and I jumped into gear getting ready! We got to The Magic Kingdom and headed to the back to have Lovie’s face painted. He ended up at the Pirates League and had the total pirate experience! It was great! He was given a pirate name, sworn in, given a sword, the whole nine yards! Always knew he was a pirate!
    As the night went on I started feeling worst by the minute. I keep replaying in my head the Friday that we left when I was in Target and I chickened out of getting the flu shot! UGH I was kicking myself by this time! It was coming on full force!
    We trick-o-treated all over the park, rode a few rides, did a lil more shopping! Closed down the park and headed back to the resort. By the time we arrived at the room I was warn out! I took a hot bath and got deep under the covers!
    It took everything I had to get out of bed and pack to go home! Thank goodness Lovie wasn’t sick also! We loaded up and I snuggled down under my blanket, turned my seat heater on and sleep all the way home!
    It was a magical trip as always...What a way to celebrate Lovie’s up coming 40th birthday (Dec 14th) It was so heart warming to see him smile as people told him Happy Birthday! There’s no place like Disney!
    Hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween weekend! We stayed in watching movies since I’m still down with the flu! Lovie made chicken & dumplin’s that we have had several times, ya can’t beat comfort food!
Happy Halloween~


  1. WoW !!!!!!!! What a great blog! I don't think there is anything else I can add except that I was delighted throughout the whole trip! I enjoyed myself thouroughly. You make me smile immensely, it was great to express it in public with Disney wonder. The Food & Wine Festival was amazing! I enjoyed tasting the umpteen million drinks I did.... "T&B" we had a blast. can't waint until the next time! I truely love you

  2. Great story! This is the first time I am hearing of the "sassy" man!! That is funny! I would like to know what his argument was! And I love the new tote!


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