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    Within the past two months I have lost two friends due to illness. One in the beginning of September due to VHL (multiple brain tumors). I had know her since elementary school. We had lost touch after high school, just reconnected over the summer. I didn’t know she had VHL, but was so happy to see her again before she lost her battle. Rest in peace my school friend...
    Tonight Lovie and I went to tell another friend goodbye, she lost her long battle with leukemia. She fought long and hard to drive it away, but God had other plans for my sweet Funny Bunny, he needed her more than she needed to be here on earth sickly. I’m comforted to know I have her up there watching out for Lovie and I...Rest in peace Funny Bunny, I’ll see ya when I see ya!
    Lovie did great with his surgery, but was in a lot of pain for several days! I felt horrible that I couldn’t do anything for him to make it go away! We finally got the doctor to call in more meds and he started feeling better. Right after he went back to work he got a sinus infection  his doctor called in more antibiotic that helped him. He is so excited about being able to breath, smell and sleep so much better!  I’m so glad he is better!
     Well it’s the time...DISNEY TIME again! We leave Friday late afternoon/night! I can not WAIT to trick-o-treat with Mickey and friends, see all the Halloween decorations and just be at Disney! YAY! It’s late so I bid you a good night with Disney dreams...

RIP Funny Bunny, I’m going to miss our late night chats so much!

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