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    Our vacation was amazing! Started out a lil rough! HA...Lovie and I were having lunch across from boarding, I got up to throw my stuff away and NO ONE was sitting there! I walked over and the lady asked if I was Mrs. Lovie...I said yes and she said their holding the plane for y’all! OMGawd! Lovie grabbed his stuff and we booked it! We didn’t get to sit together! I was so nervous! I can handle the take off, but I don’t like the landing too much! I did okay thou, I had Lovie in my sight...
    Disney was magical as ever, the only thing that could have been better was the heat! But we tried as hard as we could to put it out of our minds! HA! During the heat of the day we went back to the resort for a cool shower and a nap! It was so nice to be able to do that...
    Lovie and I went  to The Magic Kingdom to meet one of the best cast members ever to work for Disney...Then we were off to Epcot! Dinner was in Morocco that night! The food was wonderful, but my favorite thing was the ice tea! It was made with rose water! Love it made that way!
    We ordered dessert, while waiting two gentlemen came out and started playing music, a belly dancing join them...They were fabulous! When the music was done, I heard drums coming from behind me...I felt something go on my head and Lovie started taking pics! I was surrounded by Moroccan people singing Happy Birthday to me in English and then in Moroccan! They had put a fez on my head! LOL The dessert they brought me had a candle in it and it was VERRA good, almond flavored pastry, flakey with a scoop of ice cream! I was SO ready for bed after that!
     Our North Carolina Royal Family flew in on Sunday morning! It was so exciting to vacation with them again! We were celebrating the Princess, her Fair Maiden’s and my birthday’s! 
    After their arrival, we headed to The Magic Kingdom! We stopped in Minnie’s Confection Shop and was surprised with sprinkled covered marshmallows on a stick! YUMMY! Great breakfast for us birthday girls!
    Every few steps you were told HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was so much fun! And SURPRISE desserts at most meals! Whoaaaaaaaaaa!
    Lovie and I did something that we haven’t done while at Disney! We rode the Teacups! OMGoodie! It was fun, but my poor head was spinning like a top! HEHE Lovie was spinning up like a wild man! We both have always bee apprehensive about riding them because of the spinning, but we had so much fun! Glad we did it!
    We didn’t get to ride some of our fav’s due to the long lines, but that’s okay we’ll ride them next time. Which we had already started planning our next trip! WooT
    Lovie taught the girlie’s a NEW GAME while we were there! When you see someone taking a pic (ANYONE, especially peeps ya DON’T know) get in their pic, stick ya tongue out, make a face, throw a peace sign, whatever...The girls and he had a BALL doing this! But I must say the Fair Maiden WON with the most “Bandit Pics” BAWAHAHAHA
    Hope your week has been wonderful, we both have been resting and Lovie’s been working. Have sweet dreams, I’m off to dream land...





  1. Fantabulous! I had a wonderful time! The princess ans fairr maiden were soooo much fun! Yea we are planning our next trip already! Woohoo! Love Ya!

  2. I never heard the story of almost missing the plane!! Ha! How in the world did you manage that one?


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