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    Is it Saturday YET? Our bags are packed all but the toiletries! I have a hair and tan appointment tomorrow...Not enough to keep myself busy for the day! So I will be doing lot’s of reading! We are going to dinner with friends...Have to see the besties before we leave for a week!
    I knew this week would zoom by and boy it has! Now the mix up on my appointment really made the week fly! I thought my hair appointment was today and my doctor’s appoint was tomorrow! Yesterday I was just sat down from my domestic duties, it was 1:12Pm my phone rang, it was my salon. The voice on the other end said “Hi Mrs. Jeauxdi, are you going to make it to your appointment today?” I was taken aback...I said “Yes at 1PM tomorrow”...He told me “No ma’am it’s for today”...OH NOOOO! WHAAAAA!?! I MISSED MY APPOINTMENT! My stylist was wonderful enough to squeeze me in tomorrow! THANK GOODNESS! And my doctor’s appoint was TODAY! I was totally off...But back on track now! WOOT!
    All righty then...Got that all out, I’m gonna snuggle down with my book and listen and peek in on some Big Brother After Dark. Goodnight!

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