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     FACEBOOK : Words can get twisted, turned around, taken out of context, confused, misread, ect...It seems like every time I say anything this happens to me. So what do I do? Keep my mouth shut from here on out? I don’t want to do that...I don't like it if I hurt anyone’s feelings or offended you, that wasn’t my purpose. 
    Facebook use to be fun, now I only like my Frontierville on there :(  Sad right! I have my FAV friends I leave comments to here and there. Some have flies and ya can’t get to them! Ewww! YOU know who you are! UHM HMMMmmmm...
    I don’t get on FB like I use to! I had such and love affair going HOT & HEAVY with my FB, but the flame is fizzlin’! What to do? I think I need to go over my friends list, block some peeps and have some down time. I don’t want to go away from FB forever! (In my best “Broke Back Mountain twang”) “I can’t quit FB”!
    But...A break I must take. You may see a comment to some of my friends here and there, daily mug shots, blog updates, photo post, ya never know. But as some of you know I battle depression, I take meds (something I am NOT ashamed of!!) to help me, at points in my life I have to step back from things and just breath. So...This is one of those times. It’s nothing personal...Like always IT’S ME.


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  1. I love you Cheekie, and support you in whatever! A step back to look at thing I don;t mind, I just certainly don;t want you to disappear as you have done before! Is good to rest! As i told ya earlier! There are many more hands helping you stand up and support you than there are pushing you down! Love YA


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