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    Lovie and I have been nothing but lazy today! I guess we can blame it on staying up all night! We went to dinner, then out for drinks, of course I didn’t drink, I’m still on antibiotics'. After we got home, of course we just HAD to give our lappie’s some love and before we knew it...It was around 5AM! WHAAAAAAAA! YICKES! Haven’t done that is a VERRA long time! So needless to say we sleep till around 1PM! TEE HEE!
    The late night’s are setting the mood for Big Brother After Dark on Showtime for us! WooT Every night from 11PM till 2AM! I have been watching the live feed, which I do not like this year! UGH I don’t like watching it in my browser! I want it back on my Real Player!
    The alliances, talking behind backs, double talking, drama, sneakiness, ect...Is in full force! I believe “I” have the saboteur figured out, but Lovie says “nahhh, it can’t be ______, it has to be _____”  So ne telling WHOM it really is! We’re probably both wrong! HA LOVE ME SOME BB!


     Tomorrow I’m getting the suitcases out! Yeap, it’s time! 14 days till our flight to Mickey’s house! TEE HEE! I have lot’s of our stuff pulled out already, and my list is made, so it shouldn’t take me long to pack! I know I sound NUTTY for packing 14 days in advance, but I like to make sure I have everything! Don’t wanna forget anything! Knowing ME, I would leave MYSELF at home when it came down to it! That wouldn’t be good AT ALL!
    The girl’s have their reservation’s for the puppy hotel & spa. We have to drop them off the day before we leave...Gosh I’m gonna miss them! BUT, we are SO excited Disney now has a Pet Resort! AND Southwest allow pets to fly! YAHOOOOOOOOOO! So the girls will go with us next trip! Makes me a happy fur baby Mommie! YAY DISNEY...It just keeps getting better!
    Ok PeePers going to watch BB After Dark and play Angry Bird on my Iphone...Yeah I’m hooked! Enjoy the rest of ya weekend, I know I am! Peace & Love...

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  1. It was a blast Cheek! It was fun last night! and We love BB time!! LOL! I am so ready to run the rat race!! Or Mouse Race!! I love you!


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