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    Boy have I been MIA! I let things get outta hand, per say…Fun is not always what it’s cracked up to be! It was fun while it lasted, but I knew in my heart I was fooling myself with the company I was keeping. Do I regret it...No, I learned a lot about myself, Lovie and how to treat other’s. Would I turn my back on these people, NEVER...I do love them after all.
    Well I have had TWO (yes I said two) head trauma’s since the week of Christmas! The first one involved...UHmmmm TOO much wine, nothing to eat that day and a tile floor! Enough said about that one! 
    The second one happened in May in our boat on the river. We hit a wake of a big boat, (we were in a no wake zone!) I was sitting in the bow and bounced up and came back down and hit my head. Lovie put the boat in natural and ran to me...Had shook me several times before he could get me to come to. My head was bleeding...We were an hour and half from our camp! Luckily we knew someone the lived on the river closer and borrowed their car to go to the ER.
    Six staples later I was out of the ER and on my way to my nest! I started having blackouts, had a REALLY bad head ache, ringing ears, eye’s hurting...OCH.
    I went to my neurosurgeon I saw for the first head trauma and she was concerned, so she ran a test to make sure I wasn’t having seizures. Luckily I wasn’t thank goodness...Just ANOTHER concussion! Leave it to ME!
    Other than that Lovie and I have been doing great...We are headed back to Disney on July 24th! Our first time to stay at our home resort and to use our DVC! VERRA excited we are! Hope this finds my bloggie friends and all my readers happy and full of Peace & Love...



  1. I always have love for my Monkey! I regret nothing as well, Cheek's and i toll Love em'all!! Some really need some etiquette... Mcfluffy loves all peeps, Just wanna make the world around us happy! Peace and Love!

  2. Everything about you two exudes happy.... Y'all are the most caring and loving people I've ever met !
    Love both of y'all !!!


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