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    OMGolly only 11days till our flight to Mickey’s House! I can’t wait! I have just about all of our clothes out and ready to put in the suitcase’s! Of course I am bringing MORE than I need even though I will be buying tee’s and such there, it’s always a good idea to have extra! Plus it’s going to be hot, so I will be changing a few times a day probably! WHEW!
    Next week I have a hair and a doctor’s appointment...That will keep my mind busy for a lil while during the week! I’ll have to find other things to busy myself the rest! UGHHH I’m ready to go, go, go!
    I have been trying to be a better person for myself, but it seem the more of a better person I try to be, the more troubles I encounter! I don’t understand that, how could a person being a better person cause troubles. I just want to through my hands up and quit life! I don’t want to be around people, all it gets me is someone mad with me, so what’s the use!?!? 
    Mean people I can not take anymore! There is no reason to be out right MEAN to another person for no reason. I had someone make jokes about Lovie and I’s way of life! This person has never meet either one of us! Just mean!
    I call FaceBook, FightBook...That’s all people want to do, fuss, moan and complain! Air their dirty laundry out to the public, instead of doing it with the person the have a problem with. Use other’s pages to get their news or their point to people that’s not on their friends list. UGH! It’s pitiful! GET A BACKBONE PEOPLE...Stop hiding behind your computer!

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  1. I haven't visited you in so long! Have a great time at Disney:)

    Facebook is just an extension of highschool, don't you think? I am not a big user at all.


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