It’s February! Time for King Cake and LOVE!


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    Oh where did January go? Kinda glad to see it gone thou...2010 has not started out very well! I hope it starts to get better with this new month!
    I have been suffering with a head ache for over two weeks. I shouldn’t get head aches...I take Topamax which is for migraine prevention, that’s not why I take it, it is part of my depression regiment. I have tried Advil, Excedrin and Ibuprofen...As soon as it wear's off the head ache is BACK! UGHHH! My head pounds and I get nauseated! 
    Lovie called our doctor today and he called me something in, but Target had to order it so I will not have the meds till tomorrow, I can’t wait! Hope they help!
    To TOP IT OFF...This morning I woke and my lip felt like I had been smashed in the face! UGHhhhh FEVER BLISTERS! Three...That’s right THREE fever blister on my top lip! Just lovely! I look like I found some crack head in a back alley with some jacked up collagen and it went REALLY bad!
    Hope everyone in the WHO DAT’ NATION is gettin geared up for the BLACK & GOLD Super Bowl! WooT  Lovie bought me a Shockey jersey today, it’s like the ones the players wear on the field! I LOVE IT! He is getting his in on Thursday! So we are ready! WHO DAT’
    We have partaken in some Mardi Gras fun already also! We rode in our local parade with friends. That was the most fun! The music was jamming, the beads where flying, the drinks were flowing, the king cake was being passed around, the friends were laughing...It was great! Everyone should celebrate Mardi Gras!

Have a great night, I am off to bed soon...



  1. Great to see you back My Cheekie!!
    I <3 You! Muah!

  2. I havn;t been by to read your blog in a long while but as always an entertaining read.

    I hope your health problems sort themselfs out soon

    Have a great week


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