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    I quit smoking on August 17, 2004. I was ready to quit and I NEEDED to quit because I was diagnosed with asthma. I used the patch and never cheated, never wanted one (well maybe I did, but not bad!) There is only one thing, I dream about smoking! I still get the urge for a cigarette sometimes. I can’t take the way they smell. I couldn’t go back to smoking. But I do miss them =0/
    I just started reading Twilight...I read and then I put it down, I’m a bit of a slow reader with the putting it down! I get into too many other things on the computer. The movie is out on DVD and I will be buying it, BUT will not watch it till I’m done with the book!
    Today I stayed home and did the laundry...I know, I know, EXCITING! Don’t hate me because I have a FAB life!  I kinda got the blues today...Wish I know what brings them on, nothing was bothering me, I just felt blah and down in the dumps. I felt like crying, crawling under a rock, hiding under the covers! I don’t like when this happens to me, but it does and I guess there is nothing I can do but bring myself out of it when it happens. It sure is uncomfortable.
    UPDATE: on “Belle” – We took her to the vet last week and thank goodness there is nothing really serious wrong with her. BUT...She has a collapsed trachea, it is not bad thou! The vet said this happens with small dogs when they “spaz” out, like when you come home or when they are left alone. She said “Belle” was not bad, some dogs get so bad to where the pass out when they are having an episode! She put her on steroids and cough medicine. She is getting her natural bark back already! I am so thankful, I was afraid something bad was wrong with my baby!

Have a giggly night!


  1. Glad Belle is little pom scruffy...has attacks all the time...and as an ex smoker myself...driving is when I really crave them sometimes....I still kick myself for ever having started.

  2. don't worry about the down in the dumps thing cause believe me I get them too!! Especially lately with Teddy always working...But, it will help us pay that pimp mobile off! Plus, Kayla graduating is another stress thing, and vacation and trying to get the tickets and everything is just creeping up on us to fast!! I think it's always like this towards the end of the year. So, don't worry about crawling under that rock cause believe me i've been under it alot too!! LOL. :)

  3. Had to put me as annoynomous cause it wouldn't let me leave it any other way....LOL

  4. Hi chicky!

    I too WAS a smoker...I smoked from age 15 and just quit cold turkey this past August, so you got a full year ahead of me! I did break down one time, actually just a few weeks ago, and smoked like a chimney for 3 days and now, honestly, I don't even think about them.

    The only time I want to smoke is when I am watching a movie or a tv show where the people are smoking {Waiting to Exhale got to me - all those women smoking!} but we are tougher than those cravings!! Lord girl, everythin' you been through and you gonna cave to a cigarette - hellz no!

    So glad lil Belle is okay - I can't believe little dogs can collapse their tracheas by spazzing out! Wow! Hope she feels better soon - and you too! Shake off those blues and make me a new video!!


  5. You Rock! Bo chicka Wow Wow!
    love Ya!

  6. Sorry to hear you get the blahs, I do too. Sometimes I feel like I could just stay in the house the whole week.

    Hope this week is going better.


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