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    I’m sitting here in my nest watching Dancing with the Stars with my chest hurting. It feels like a ton of bricks laying on my chest. Lovie and I researched everything on the net and we understand the risk...I can have a heart attack or a stroke with my triglycerides being so high, so we are trying to make sure I stay as calm as possible. April 2nd seems years away!
    Saturday we (Love, myself, Momma & Daddy) went to our river camp for Lovie aunt’s birthday and to boil some crawfish! First we have had this year! The fish were not biting, but the company was wonderful! Lovie did a great job on the crawfish and we did a better job on eating them! HAHA Here is a FlipVideo I did...


And of course some pics!

    Sunday Lovie and I went to lunch and then did a lil retail therapy at Old Navy. I got three dresses, two pair of flip flops, a tee and two hair accessories, I just LOVE spring clothes! After we went to my parent so Lovie could hook up their new HDTV! It is BEAUTIFUL! They picture is just perfect! WOW! They are VERRA happy with it! =0)
    I got my domestic diva duties done today, all but the laundry, only two loads! SO tomorrow I will go tan and see what else I can get myself into!


  1. Those things look kinda scary when you get up close on 'em! I love the videos - keep 'em coming!


  2. Looks like fun! I love spring shopping, sounds like you did really well at Old Navy. I want to go!


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