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Today is my 6th BLOGOVERSARY!

  to ME...

     I went for my appointment at the Sleep Foundation yesterday...It started out with the nurse, then the nurse practitioner, then the doctor! I had to tell EACH one the SAME thing! UGH...I go back on April 28th to stay the night and then may have to stay the day to take 20 minute naps through out the day, FUN! But in the mean time the doctor wants me to get up at 7am everyday and before coffee or breakfast go out in the sun for up to 30 minutes. Uhmmm...I NEED coffee to function, thank you! The NP and DR started pushing exercise to me, like they got the impression I sit on my but all day! Uhm...NOT. Two skinny butt, lil peon no it all sleep doctors say Whaaaaaa...UGH! 
   9 AM in the morning I will see for the first time a heart specialist. WOW! Kinda freaks me out! But I am anxious to find out what is going on. Wish me luck...Please.
    Lovie, my parents and I went to The 44th annual JACKSON ASSEMBLY Antiques Show and Tour Sunday. We toured the court house, the Centenary College, went to the museum in the library, had lunch at a diner, then tour the East Louisiana State Hospital, better know as Jackson Mental Hospital.
    The court house was verra small, they seldom held court there in the 1800’s.

    The Centenary College has always mesmerized me, so I was excited about touring it! There is only one set of dormitories left,   the main building was moved to Shreveport.

    There was one room open that had the walls broken away to the original plaster, you could see graffiti from the students!

that is April 12, 1875!

WHAT the heck! Where in the devil in the maid! UGH!

    The hospital took us a lil off guard...You were allowed to tour the center building and wings. We went in the wrong way, coming in the back way we saw some of the patients, it was just sad...But they all waved as they sat outside enjoying the sun and fresh air.
    The tour started out in the left front room, the tour guide proudly explained this was the court room that the criminally insane are seen before the judge, instead of taking them to the real court house. We went outside so she could point out the the back of the Greek building had columns, but the front didn’t...The front wings had always been offices and the back wings were patient rooms, and they could enjoy the columns! UHM OK!

    We went back inside and another tour guide announced she was taking the last tour for the day to the “dungeon”. EVERYONE’s heads popped around and headed to her line! Didn’t know there was a dungeon! WOW, let’s go see! Momma and I were gigging...Tell we walked farther and farther down the steps. It was a true dungeon! The holes were still in the wall were the chains that bound their hands above their head were still visible.
    The ground was wet and muddy. The guide said they put lime down there all the time but it never dries. There were three or so small rooms that she couldn’t tell us what they were for. She stated that NONE of the attendants did not want to come down to feed or tend to these patients! They feed them through a hole in the wall.  Momma and I were shaken to the bone. We can not get the thought of the torture that went on in that place under the hospital.


We were glad to be out of there!

    It was a fun day, but it left an impression on the four of us that will never go away. Makes you stop and think how far medicine has changed.

I don’t like some of the things Brit has done with her life, but I REALLY can’t help but like her music! Enjoy her new video!



  1. We did have a great day, you ahd better behave nowm or you;ll be in trouble! LOL

  2. That dungeon gave me the creeps. Yikes! Hope everything goes well at the doctor tomorrow, and the sleep study goes well. I am hoping for answers for you!

    Happy Anniversary to your blog!


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