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    It’s been a long week. It seems like forever ago it was the weekend! Last weekend Lovie and I stayed home to try to get well from these head colds we have! Poor thing is sneezing like crazy! I mainly have the sniffles.
    Thursday I had to go to my family doctor to have blood work done to have my thyroid checked. I am having a sleep study done at the end of the month and they need those results. My DR wanted to check more than just  the thyroid, but also my sugar and cholesterol. I also had to potty in the cup! He also did a EKG on my because I have been having chest pains...FUN, FUN, FUN! The EKG was ok, THANK GOODNESS! I will get the other results next week. Just a lil nervous...But ready to find out WHY I am sleeping all the time!
    Lovie and I are going to have a photo day tomorrow! We are going to St Francisville and hit a few plantation homes and some cemeteries!  I can’t wait! So come back and check for pics!

Goodnight & Sweet dreams...Have a fun weekend!


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