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    I feel like I have no freedom of speech anymore. This is MY blog, but I have to stop my fingers from typing TOO much, afraid I will hurt someone’s feeling or piss someone off! Do my feeling matter to anyone? I feel they don’t...Mine are never taken into consideration when they are hurt, just over looked, passed over, which just makes the hurt even worse.
   I have always taken others feeling into consideration. I don’t like to hurt peoples feelings because I don’t want mine hurt. Yes I did write a statement on here a few years back about someone cheating on their spouse and it has caused my sister to turn her back on me. It has made a mountain out of a mole hill! I have every right to express how I feel about someone’s infidelities...My first husband cheated on me, so I have WALKED IN THOSE SHOES!
    I’m glad that this said couple worked through their trouble and have made it through that storm and made their marriage work. BUT...If you are gonna play, then you know things are going to be said when it’s all over and done with! WHICH...This person has said about my statement “It’s no big deal”! SO WHY can’t my sister move past this and be a family with me?
    I am sick of walking an eggshells around some, holding my tongue around this one, watch how you act around this person...UGHHHHH I just want to be ME! I want everyone around me to be them self! Don’t be afraid you are going to do or say something that will make me sad or mad, if you do...I will get over it! And the same should go for you too! I am who I am and I can not and WILL not change for anyone! I can’t take back what I said on here and WILL NOT delete it from my blog. 
    I have said “I’m sorry” ONCE again in my Christmas card for it. I will not say it again! There is nothing else I can do to make you come back to the family. There is no reason for you to take this out on the entire family, it’s between you and I. It’s time to move on and let’s live life again! This is not anything that can not be UNFORGIVABLE...Anything can be forgiven, ANYTHING! I don’t care what anyone tells you!
    You are missing out on so much with YOUR family. We are Great Aunts now! Time is passing by and before you know it...It’s going to be over. I don’t want the next time I see you or you see me to be in a casket.


YOUR sister,


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  2. Ah Jeauxdi, what a situation! I can't offer advice, only empathy.

    My little sister and I haven't spoken in a year? Two years? I don't even know anymore. I have one niece I have seen once, and another niece I have never even seen. I think about my sister EVERY SINGLE DAY...but she chose the path she thought would make her happiest - and that path did not include me.

    I hope that if it is meant to be, your sister and you can move past all this.



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