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I was notified that I have been chosen for Jury Duty for District Court in Baton Rouge! UGH! I don't wanna do it! There is NO WAY I could handle a murder trial! If I had to look at photos from a crime scene I would LOOSE IT! We called the number and left a message that I have had dental work done and I am on pain pills, but no one called back! UGH...SO I guess I will go in the morning and see if I can get myself out of it!
I watch TOO much reality shows that have shown where all kinds of bad stuff can go on in the court rooms, the families go nuts, the ones on trail go off ect...I mentally can not handle anything like that. I am seriously NOT mentally stable to be a juror! Plus I don't like the idea of sending someone to jail, guilty or not...I don't like to be in that spot...I would always be looking over my should after, thinking someone was going to "pay me back" for sending their loved one to jail! Can ya tell I am STRESSIN! I already too a Xanax while I was soaking in a hot bath!
I hope they will excuse me from this, I am going to be honest with them about not being able to handle it and my pain pill issue I have been still having to take! CROSS ya fingers for me, say a prayer, do a dance, get out a smudge stick, ANYTHING! Goodnight and sweet NONE COURT dreams!


  1. Hey chica! I just signed up to "follow" you on Twitter under my other Twitter account - as I won't be twittering under Shouldabeenabelle anymore. Look for the follower of yours with a big pink square as their icon - A Charmed Event - that's me!


  2. Oh no, how did it go??

    I hope your stress level is not through the roof. I have never been called to jury duty, I on the other hand would think it was cool.

    Hope all is well!!


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