My mind needs sleep!

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    For the past several nights I have not been able to sleep well. I can not fall asleep and when I do I wake back up shortly after. My mind will not shut down, it keeps spinning thoughts and list of things I need to do, shopping list ect...Soooooo Lovie gave me a lil cocktail to help my fall asleep! I took one of my ambien and a xanax so I could get a good rest tonight! I have had a warm soak in a bubble bath and I'm snug as a bug in my nest!

   I have a early eye doctor appointment, then a hair appointment after and HOPEFULLY I will have time to go tan between the two! 
   My Lil Pookie is sick with the Flu! Poor baby! And his parents are both sick too! I hope they get better soon!


   I hope everyone is staying warm and safe in these cold temps and the ice! My bro-in-law is gone to Arkansas with a crew to help restore the power. Not sure when he will be back home... 
   If you could keep my Pookie, everyone that has the "crude", everyone in the icy area's and my brother-in-law with all the workers in your thoughts and prayers please, it would be greatly appreciated...Thank you.

Ok the ambien is kicking in, so I bid you a goodnight and sweet dreams! 


  1. Hope you had a restful sleep....cause you sure know I didn'

  2. Hope you had a good night's sleep.

    I have heard the ice storms were terrible, and a lot of people are without power. Is it true some people might be out for a week?

    We have been through this and it is terrible.


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