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    This morning Lovie and I woke at 5 AM Well...I did anyway!   After coffee and a getting dressed we headed towards the District Court House in Baton Rouge...I could feel my stomach turning flips! We found a park and went in.
    No cell phones are allowed in the building...Lovie had MINE and HIS with him! UGH! So he was going to put them in the car and the gentleman at the scanner thingy told him you can put them in your car but you can’t go up with her! OMG! WHAT!?!? I gonna have to do this on my own! OH NO!
   I bid my Lovie goodbye and I headed up the elevator, shaking even more now! I took a seat and waited. FIANLLY they took us up to the court room. They began to seat us in number order...I was juror number four.
    As I sat there was a table about two feet in front of me with three lawyers sitting at  it and behind them another table with three more lawyers seated. ON the table right in front of me were two really big guns! I started shaking and feeling sick to my stomach! I noticed a bag stapled closed on the floor...All I could think was bloody clothes in the bag...Murder...Get me out of here! 
    The judge came in and we explained the case to us...THANK GAWD it was not murder!  Two of the lawyers from each side approached the bench to have a chat with the judge, then the judge told us they were going to remove the guns from the table, because it looks like they could go off but he reassured everyone they had locks on them. WELL...It was not two guns BUT THREE! They moved them from the table to the floor, STILL in front of me! UGH!
    Then we were to each take the microphone and state our name, occupation, were we live, our spouses name, their occupation and our hobbies. But he had all the lawyers introduce themselves to us first. Then it was our turn...
    The microphone was passed to me and I stated my name ect...And I asked the judge if I could ask a quick question he said yes...My question was really a statement, I said “Mr. &$*@# represented me for my divorce several years ago”. Straight away the judge said “you’re dismissed”! I said ok...But I would like to give him a hug and started walking that way! The judge said...”Mrs. &#(@#$ if you go over there I will hold you in contempt of court! This is not Judge Judy”! OPPPPPPSSSSS…I went BACK to my seat...He looked at me and said again “you are dismissed” So I got up and B-lined it out of there! LEAVE IT TO LUCY ME to get in trouble!  
   So needless to say I do not have to report back for jury duty! I did my civic duty! I am DONE! I was dismissed! HAHA  When I got home I took a two hour nap! Hope you had a better day than me!


  1. oh lord...that is a good least you didn't have to serve...the asking to give the guy a hug....I liked that the best...It seems like the judge was kind of a sour puss anyways....

  2. It sounds scary with the guns on the table and then the floor. I am glad it worked out the way it did.

    I love your graphic of being outta there!!


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