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    I went to the eye doctor today to see about getting contacts. I have been told in the past I couldn't get contacts because of my astigmatism, well my doctor told me I could! YAY ME! What he did was gave me contacts that are mono-vision. My right eye is my dominant eye, so that eye I will use to see distant, my left eye I will use for reading. PRETTY cool!
    I ordered glasses also because I will not be wearing the contacts everyday. I found the coolest glasses made by Tommy Hilfiger! They are black with green on the inside, on the arms there are STARS! LOVE THEM! I can't wait for them to come it! Check em' out!

I will post a pic when I get mine!

    The ONLY thing is...BIFOCALS! OMG! I felt SOOO old sitter there hearing our friend tell me I needed bifocals! I had my back brace on and he is telling me this...I told Lovie forget the new house well just move into assisted living! UGHHHHH! My brother beat me with the bifocals by two year! I am only 41 COME ON! BUT...I'm happy that my eye's are healthy in every other way thou!
    My eye's are tired. I have to take the contacts out at 8pm. I have a regiment for the next few days with them. I am excited I finally got them! Now I will not have to have my glasses on ALL the time and in ALL pictures! YAY ME!

Have a great night and sweet dreams!


  1. You are going to enjoy wearing contacts, I always used to wear them, then I became old and frumpy. Your new glasses look pretty funky, I think they are going to suit you nicely.

    I was at the eye doctor today too. Matthew is on the borderline for needing glasses. The doctor said it was up to us if we go ahead with them. I think we are going to, just for him to have to wear for school.

    Wishing you a great night.

  2. I have tagged you, if you want to play along!!


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