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"Belle" & "Lexi"

My friend Pam over at Country Mouse, City Mouse tagged me with a Pet Meme:

1. What is the first pet you remember?
I was three, living on a chicken farm in Missouri...I had a duck. I can't remember what I called him, but it was MY duck. I would feed him bread from my hand everyday.

2. How many different kinds of pets have you owned?
Oh goodness, let's see...I had a kitten after my duck, can't remember it's name! We rescued a kitty from a grave yard, he was in a box with several others that didn't make it. We took him to the vet and nursed him back to health and named him Jed. He was left a LIL OFF! His equilibrium was thrown off from being starved. He would try to potty and fall over in his litter box, poor thing! He keep getting worse and worse to where we had to put him asleep. 
Chocolate lab named Dawg
Blue Healer named Sue Ellen

3. What was your strangest pet?
A deer! The boy I was dating caught a fawn and brought it home to me! My daddy feel in love with him. We named him Buckshot! When Daddy came home from work he had peanuts in his shirt pocket and Buckshot would stand up and hold on to Daddy's arm and eat the nuts from his pocket leaving the shells! He was the COOLEST pet!

4. What is your dream pet?
Hmmmm...Never thought about that.

5. What is your nightmare pet?
ANY reptile! UGHHHHHHH...Those are not pets to me!

6. Your best/ funniest pet story...
We have just watched the movie The Ring, it scared me BAD! I got up a few nights later to use the potty and in the hallway I saw a figure! I was scared STIFF on the potty! I couldn't move! Couldn't cal out for Lovie! FINALLY I was able to raise my arm to the light, I FLIPPED it on and I found my lil "Elizah" sitting there yawning waiting for me to finish so we could go back to bed! I have to say I HAD to potty again!

7. Tell your worst/saddest pet story...
I had made my baby boy "ELizah" move outside because he couldn't old his urine anymore. On Friday August 28, 2006 he was hit by a car. We did not know it till that Sunday. A lady saw him get hit and stopped to help him. She banged on our front and back door, windows and walls and couldn't wake us! We left for the weekend not knowing anything. When we got home Sunday our neighbor told us what happened and that the lady gave the vet permission to put "Elizah" to sleep! I was heart broken! I blamed myself for making him live outside. I still miss him so much! I don't think I will ever get over loosing him...

RIP "Elizah" 12-24-94 - 7-28-06

8. Did you ever have a scary animal experience?
YES! My brother had a rottweiler...He did not like me or my Daddy! He was in a cage by my Momma's and I was walking to her back door. Jack started growling at me and jumping on the pen MOVING it! I was about to poop my pants! BAD DOG...He was a guard dog for sure!

9. What was your favorite pet?
ALL of them!

10. What did you really want to tell us about pets that didn't fit into the other questions?
We have two kitties we rescued after Hurricane Katrina...A Tuxedo cat name Felix Unger and a Orange Tabby named Gabby (Shortened from "thrown away like garbage", since she was thrown out in our ditch!)


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Thanks Pam this was fun...And brought back lots of memories! Have a wonderful Uhmmm Well...It's Thursday now...Have a wonderful day!



  1. I knew you would have great stories to tell. I loved them all, your duck, poor Jed, your deer, and your sweet Elizah.

    Pets really make a difference in a person's life, don't they?

    Thanks for playing a long.

  2. buckshot..what a great name...I've loved reading about your animals...

  3. OMG--That's so cool you had a pet deer! How long did you have him?


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