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    I am ready to be back home. I had room service bring me breakfast, I couldn't have ask for better, all but the sausage...It was those big fat sausage links, yuck! But the eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast hit the spot!
    Then time for my shower...COLD water! What is with that? I didn't think hotels ran out of hot water! I was freezing when I got out, so I turned the heater on in the room! Brrrrrr...
    Lovie came up to retrieve me and our belongings to put in the car and to go for lunch. I so enjoy getting to see everyone he works with! They are from all over Louisiana and Texas. VERRRA nice people!
    Well I will say goodbye for now Lovie will be coming out any minute and we will be done with this for another year! Goodbye Houston see ya in 2010~




  1. Nothing like home sweet home...your own bed...your own shower....ahhhh....Have a safe trip home

  2. Hi Chickie!

    I never got back to you about when we were going to Universal...we will be going the week/weekend of Christmas.

    I was sitting here trying to plan out some long range trip plans and decided we will be coming to LA in 2014. Yeah, I just said 2014. It'll be the 25th anniversary of Steel Magnolias! We'll be going to Natchitoches.

    I also wanted to let you know that you accidentally almost made me choke the other day! I was reading a comment you left, where you called the "doxies" "dixies"! It was so damn funny when I was reading it that I almost blew Dt. Coke out of my nose. You can call em dixies anyday! I almost named the little one Dixie instead of Charlotte {after Dixie Carter}.



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