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    Welcome to our new Pres...

    We have watched some of the inauguration festivities today. I don't remember any other president elect have such a big deal being made over them! OH BUT yes this is our FIRST African American President! SO we have to make a HUGE spectical of it all! Because HE is our FIRST African American President! NOT only the 44th president BUT the FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN! HELLO...He is HALF WHITE! SO wouldn't that him our FIRST mixed raced president? UHMMMM...YEAH!


   He looks black, so I guess that "MAKES" him black?!? NOT, his mother Ann Dunham was white! So his is NOT our first African American President! PLUS he is not from Africa! UGHHHH! 
   I get sick of this African American stuff! You were born in American then you are an AMERICAN! My hubbies great-great-grandfather was from Spain, so is he Spanish American!?!? No!
    I don't look at President elect Obama as our first African American President! I see him as our 44th president that is mixed race!
    All these LABLES frustrate me! If you are born in American, NO matter your skin color than dang it you are an AMERICAN! GET OVER IT! No one can go back and change what happened hundreds of years ago, we learn from mistakes, we can't help that BIG mistakes have been made over the past years! We have to move one and quit pointing fingers!
    America is a melting pot, so to me our new president represents that perfectly! We are the land of the free, any one can be anything they want to be in America! None of us are PURE BREEDS these days! The PERFECT blood line stopped a long time ago when the head master's started having relations with their favorite pretty lil slave girls! The gumbo started way back then...
    Everyone wants to point fingers and yell RACIST! Everyone can be a lil racist! Everyone is scared of the un know! If you could open your eye's and just look the other person in the eye you would see there is another human staring back at you! They have a home life, a job, car trouble, kids, family get together's, stress, ect...
    But right off you want to lower your head when you see another race coming towards you and be afraid! They may feel the same way about you, maybe afraid of you! It's that a horrible feeling to think someone is afraid of you? It is to me.
    I hope my words have reach someone out there...Remember when you point a finger you have three pointing back. Let's give the new president his deserved four years, he has a lot of work ahead of him. GOD Bless America!

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  1. I'm not American but I get what you are saying. Well done!!

    By the way, I passed on an award to you!!

    Hope you are feeling well.


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