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    Well, we are in Houston! We kinda got lost and passed our hotel up by a few (30 miles or so!) miles...Lovie uses Google Maps on his Iphone and got side tracked talking to me! ~*giggle*~ Opps! We turned around and it sent us on a goose chase then! He called the hotel and got directions and we were not that from it...WHEW!
    We checked in and rested for a bit before he left for dinner with his colleagues. I went down with him to tell everyone hello then came back up and and got in my snuggly jammies and got in the big fluffy, comfy bed!
    We dropped the girls off at the puppy bed and breakfast this morning, I didn't go in with my back in the condition it is in, so I gave them a kiss in the car...  =0/ I am gonna miss them tonight...NO SNUGGGLY TIME with my girls! But they are safe and sound.
    Lovie stopped and bought me a back brace thingy. It feels GREAT! It has a lumbar support that really helps me stand up right! YAY! SO I don't look like Fred Sanford too much anymore!
    I sleep most of the way to Texas which was four hours! I took pain meds for the trip! And of course my Lovie took two pics and posted them n his Twitter page! HAHA...SEE ~~~> Click HERE That stinker!
    Hope you and yours have a great weeknd...I am back to that comfy bed, it's callin my name! Goodnight and sweet Disney dreams!



  1. Lord girl! I just read about this post and the one before it - I hope you're okay!! If you ever need someone to watch the girls I've got an extra doggy bed! My doxies love sleepovers!


  2. Glad you made it safe and sound. I have one of those back supports and it does help, I hope your back is starting to feel a little better.

    Have fun while you are away. Your trip there looked relaxing anyway!!


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