Happy 85th to Lovie's Pawpaw!

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Purchase More Shoes!

    Today is my Lovie's Pawpaw's 85th birthday! He went to lunch with him to his favorite lil Chinese buffet. They had a great visit and talk. I love that Lovie gets to pop in when needed or just to visit at anytime while out and about during his work day.
  I never had the chance to really have a grandfather in my life, my Daddy's father passed before I was born and my mother's father passed when I was about two. So Lovie's Pawpaw has shown me what it's like to have a grandfather...He hold's a special place in my heart.


Ten on Tuesday:

10 Favorite Articles of Clothing You Own-

2. swim suit from VS...FUN in the sun and memories of Mexico!
3. Jean Jacket
4. I have a "thing" for polo's!
5. shorts
6. my fishing clothes! LOVE to go fishin'!
7. fuzzy slipper socks
8. My (faux) Fur Coat
9. anything I have packed in a suitcase...Mean VACATION!
10. ALLLLLL my Disney World shirts, shorts, jackets, ect...


Lens Day:



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