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I threw my back out AGAIN! It was bothering me yesterday and my pillow that I sleep with between my knees ended up on the floor last night...THEN when vacuuming today it was like electric shock going down my spine to my toes! By the time I was done I could hardly walk! I was DRAGGING my left leg! SOOOO attractive...LET me tell ya!
I made to the living room found my cell got seated and called Lovie. I told him the details and he called our family doctor right away. He went to pick up my med's and came home to tend to me (What a great hubby I have!)
I took the pain med's and started playing Guitar Hero! I played until my eyes were almost closed! Not many notes were bring strummed by my fingers anymore! HA! So I moved myself to my nest and take a lil nap...HA no nap YET! STILL AWAKE! Not feel hardly any pain BUT awake! That's all I need!
I have to get Lovie's suitcase packed tomorrow SOMEHOW...And pull me some clothes out incase I do go, which I might...I was on the bed earlier after Lovie massaged my back and I had my knees under me and my back popped and it did relieve some of the pain, so maybe that put the nerve back in place! PLEASE, OH PLEASE! 
Well I am off to try to slumber, flat of my back with my legs raised on pillows, may you have sweet dreams and a painless night!



  1. I hope you are getting some relief from your back pain, as well as getting some rest.

    What a sweetie you have to take such good care of you.

  2. Oh, I hope you feel better soon - there is really nothing worse than back pain!

    Take care and have a good weekend - Kellan


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