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    My laptop went ha-poop on me Monday. Lovie clicked yes to an update and it messed it up some how?!?! Toshiba has a recall out on this, THANK GAWD! SO…My baby was bundled up and shipped to be fixed! 7 to 12 “working” days to get it back, so I look for it around the 29th! =0(  My nights in my nest for TV time is gonna be rough!
    Yesterday I tried to blog…Wanted to do my Tuesday meme’s and I was tagged by my friend over at Shoulda Been a Belle …My blog writer locked up on me! Grrrrrr! So I gave up! My sinus headache was kicking back in anyway.
    This morning I got up got my coffee sat down press the on button to my desk top and NOTHING! UGHHHHHH…Lovie told me to unplug it, it might have been a power surge. Ok I did that twice…NOTHING! I think I have a voodoo no computer curse on me! =0/  Am I destine to not have a computer? I was just waiting for my Iphone to die any second! UGH please no…My last line of communication! (well Lovie make shift, pieced together if ya wanna call it a computer is on his desk I could use, but scared I will jinx it too!)
    I texted Lovie to let him know I was computer less! When he got home he check my computer and said he forget to tell me one step to do! OMG…THANK GOODNESS! It works! YAY!
    It has gotten really chilly here in the bayou! We MIGHT have a lil SNEAUX! HA…Yeah I said it SNEAUX! Can ya believe!?! I am sure it will not be much, but I hope we do get enough to where we can get some pictures! FINGERS CROSSED! It’s not often we get snow down here, so everyone is buzzin! hehe Ok I am off to my nest to watch my shows  (Lovie and I have a complete deferent taste is TV programs! LOL) Have a snuggly night and sweet dreams!


  1. hopefully this will be the end of your computer issues....and what a better way to celebrate than snow...except for if you are one of those snow haters....booooo....

  2. Okay - there is really nothing worse than computer problems - right!? Hope it all works out quickly!

    Take care - Kellan

  3. Hi there! bad news! my blog somehow got hacked into. Because of that I had to change my URL.

    it used to be:

    it is now:

    i noticed you were one of my followers =) Thanks for that BTW! i wanted to make sure you werent following the old URL though. You can stop following my blog and then re-add yourself as a follower (that would be AWESOME!) and I think there is also a way to just change my URL...but I am not computer smart enough to tell ya! lol

    anyhoo, sorry for the trouble! i have no idea how this happened. darn it!! confusion!!


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