A day at the spa…Ahhhhh!

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    I am getting things ready for picture day tomorrow! The girls at the “spa” having a day of beauty today so they will be fresh for the pictures! SOOO exciting, I wonder what they will ask Santa Paws to bring them? Hmm…
    Lovie and I are both on antibiotics for this sinus mess we have. Poor thing didn’t sleep night before last because his nose was so blocked. He called our DR and they worked him in to get a shot. This morning he is breathing better! Thank goodness! Yesterday I just KNEW he was going to BLOW something out the way he was blowin’ his nose so much and hard! WHEW!
    SO glad he is feeling better, we have lots to do and places to go! And Christmas shopping to START! YAY! The holiday crowds, the decorations and lights! Can’t wait! Hope you have fun this weekend with Holiday shopping!


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