Trippin' over Tuesday...

Ten on Tuesday:

10 of the Best Meals You've Had
1. My first FULL meal after not eating for seven day due to having thrush (at age 17!!!)
2. Christmas Eve dinner with all my family.
3. Daddy's pancakes oner an open fire camping.
4. Lovie and I's first date BBQ
5. Dinner at "The Castle"...You know THE ONE....That's right Cinderella's!
6. Breakfast on vaca! YUM!
7. Sunday dinner at my sister's.
8. Pawpaw's birthday sinner at Sullivan's Ring Side
9. Any meal out on the pier at our camp!
10. My 41st birthday breakfast.


  1. it's always a great meal if you had it with your family! :)

  2. Thank you for stopping by to see me on the salmon pattie post. I'm trying to catch up from being out of town. Hope you'll come back often!

  3. What a great list.
    At the!

    You can find my 10 meals ::here::.

    Have a great day.


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