It's Monday? Oh crap...Did I miss the weekend?

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Curious as a Cat:

1) When have you been the most silent? When I sleep! LOL
2) Describe your favorite outfit. Why is it your favorite? My PJ's...Means snuggly time at home with my Lovie!
3) Think of all the people you know. Now assign one of them to each of the virtues and vices. Think I am gonna skip this one LOL
4) What city�s character or reputation do you think fits your own personality? Southern Belle on The Big Easy
5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

My Momma's Holy Bible...She has always keep special cards, birth announcements, locks of my siblings and I's hair. It's such a special book in so many ways...


    Monday? REALLY!? WOW...I don't feel like Lovie and I had a weekend! But we did, I know we did, guess with my sleeping on and off and us running the roads it slipped by me somehow! OOpps...How you had a wonderful weekend!
    Sunday we went to my parents to put pictures on my Daddy's image viewing wallet we gave him. And boy we were surprised with Momma cooking fried pork chops, lima beans, potato salad, rice & gravy and biscuits! YUM-MY! We stuffed ourselves...We don't eat home cooking much anymore!
    On our way out we went through my sis' house...My great nephew was there! So I had to stop in and get some sweet kisses from him. He changes every time I see him.
    He was in a VERRA good mood laughing at me while I took pictures of him!  He was in his stroller while his parents and grandparents were eating, so I snapped several pics and then just had to pick him up for some cuddling! To see more pics of  "My Pookie" click HERE !
     Lovie ordered himself a NEW camera! I was SHOCKED! He never buys himself anything! Take a look at our new camera's together...


        Today I was holding "Lexi" and petting her and I noticed a freckle on her...I moved her fur move and look at this freckle I found!


We were meant to be!

And here is my Lil "Tinker Belle"

    I am SO proud to say I have been listed with Blog Around the World! YAY ME!!! I am listed under Louisiana!! Check it out! Click the box below!

Have a wonderful rest of your night...

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  1. Cute baby and doggie. Mine has freckles too. Congrats on being listed in "Blogs Around The World".


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