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Our camp on the Amite River, no other place like it!


Wednesday Mind Hump:

Today is Do-it-yourself Day-
Tell us about your proudest "do it yourself" moment...

Teaching myself to paint at age 12 from watching my momma and sisters.


    Oh what a day! I had my yearly doctors appointment with my breast specialist, he checked everything out and refereed me to a plastic surgeon to have the scare looked at for removal! YAY!!! The scare doesn't hurt, but it ITCHES! And it is UGLY!  It's right in my cleavage...UGH! SO I am hoping this will be my answer to fixin' the ugly lil thing on my boobie!
    After leaving the doctor Lovie and I had to go pick his new suit up from being tailored. We we walking into the building, there was a truck backing out and the lady did not see us, so we both put our hand up and she KEEP backing up! We had to move over for her not to hit us! I looked back at her and the passenger was "slingin" her head around and saying gawd knows what! SO I gave the "silly moose ears" hands on  side of my head and stuck my tongue at them (yeah I know real mature! Better that flyin' a bird at them!) We walked on and as we approached the door we heard a horn, we turned and it was the "backin' lady"...She had her window down and said " I was not going to hit you, but you didn't have to do what you did" Me doing my norm...Speaking before thinking said "She didn't have to sling her weave around like I dream of Jeanie either!" SO...Needless to say "Jeanie" told me You" shouldn't have had your fat a$$ in our way!" OMG! SO they SOOOO deserve the moose ears and tongue AGAIN! JHEEZ!
    After almost having my fat a$$ flattened we went to vote, since we will be on our cruise! They had a few people in there voting also. I was proud of us for remembering to go! YAY US!
    We went to lunch at a local grill. Lovie and I both had the buffet, I ate crawfish etouffee, fried okra and  mashed potato with bacon, cheese, green onions and cheese on top...YUMMY! When I got up again Lovie told me "you need to try the roast"...I said back "I couldn't fit anymore food". There were two males sitting at a table next to were I was standing...One of them said " I bet you can!" OMG I felt myself melt into the floor! I wasn't getting more food I wanted a piece of cake =0(
    I got my cake and returned to the table and told Lovie what he said. He and his buddy talked about this one and that one that have lost weight! Lovie turned around and sat there looking their direction...The larger one told the lil mouthy one he needed to shut up. The lil mouthy one turned around in his seat and looked at me then looked at Lovie and waved and said "How ya doin"....Lovie said "I'm doing good"...The lil mouthy guy turn slowly back around...LOL What a HE MAN WOMAN HATER! Nothing worse than those! UGH! They need an field for just them with an electric fence!
I am so lucky I  have my fairy tail PRINCE!

    Other than that we had a great day together! My momma had to go see the doctor also to get an injection in her shoulder. Her arthritis has been bothering her in it so it was time for one. My Daddy is working every other day right now, so that's good that they are getting time together and he is getting some rest!

    Ok I am going to focus more on TV...America's Next Top Model was great, but upset my lil Louisiana girl was sent home! Now I am watching the premier of Stylista, then I have to watch Pushing Daisies and Dirty, Sexy Money! Don't ya just love the fall season! Have a giggly night...


  1. What a beautiful picture :) Have a great night :)

  2. I went to vote today - YAY for me too! A cruise? I believe I am jealous - YEP - I am!

    Take care - Kellan


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