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Photo Friday:

"I love..."

the man who put this on my finger forever!

The Friday Five:

When did you last...
1. scrounge for change (couch, ashtray, ect) to make a purchase?
I can't remember, never pay with cash, always use debit card...Gotta keep track LOL
2. visit a dentist?
too long ago, need to go!
3. make a needed change to your life?
On the 20th of Oct.
4. decide on a complete menu well in advance of the evening meal?
Sunday night...Lovie and I planed Chili for Monday night YUMMY!
5. spend part of the day (other than daily hygiene) totally/mostly naked?
Wednesday while getting my TaTa's rubbed on then SMASHED! It's breast cancer awareness months, smooch your TaTa's!

My first polyvore! TOO MUCH FUN!
lil butterfly by Jeauxdi

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  1. Love your rings - beautiful!! Also love this little witch here standing above your comments - she's so cute!

    Have a good weekend - Kellan


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