Happy 73rd Birthday to my Daddy!

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     Lovie and I got out of the house today because he "NEEDED" to go to Wal Mart for...Hmmmm, let me see...Oh yeah he forgot what he needed! HAHA But we got out the house anyway! We went to visit some friends then went to see if we could remember what it was Lovie "needed" at Wally World! Did he remember? Nope...HAHA but we got some other stuff we DID need and then went to eat IHop!
     Lovie had chicken fried steak and I had an omelette with pancakes...YUM-ME! I choose to create my own omelette, I had cheese, sausage, tomato's, green onions and salsa! Lovie had to help me eat it! ~*giggle*~ 
     Lovie too a pic   of me all smiles waiting on my dinner! I am starting to get used to my hair more and more everyday...Every time I fix it, it look a lil different! LOL It is for sure time for high lights! WOW look at those roots! Gotta do that before the cruise!
     Today was my Daddy's 73rd birthday! And would ya believe he was working today!?!  So we didn't get to celebrate with him today, but we will on his day off this week.
     Well LSU didn't do so good last night...They lost. But you can't win them all right!?! The Saint's on the other hand won today! Who DAT?!?! Don't ya just love football season!?
   Trying to catch up on my Sunday night shows on DVR...We went over to some friends to help them with a computer problem and I got a late start on TV time, but we are always happy to help our friends! Have a great night and sweet Disney dreams...



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