I smell TIGER BAIT...

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     I have a sinus infection...UGH! I napped off and on all day in my chair while Lovie played with his new IPhone We both are loving our new phones! I downloaded a virtual jack-o-lantern a lil bit ago...It's TOO CUTE!
     Lovie is cooking him some hot wings and other yummy smelling stuff...I am in my nest not in the mood to eat. LSU is in Gainesville, Fla tonight! First away game! So we are pretty pumped for this game! Even thou I don't feel well...GEAUX TIGERS!

     I am SOOOO ready to start packing for our cruise! I think I will start getting outfits for dinner ready next week! Then I will start getting all the other things pulled out and ready to go! I can't wait! CRUISIN'!! YAY ME!!!

Have a great night and rest of you weekend!

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