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    I think I have the sleeping illness I get every year this same time. I can not stay awake to save my life! It's starting to worry me! I sleep great at night, I don't stay up late, I don't sleep in every morning, so what is the DEAL. I catch myself napping off and on in my chair. Should I go to the doctor or just sleep for 24 hours?
   I got my shoes in! I was so afraid when I opened the box that they were not going to match! But they do thank goodness! I bought my jewelry in gold and purple stones. Lovie will wear his black suit with gold shirt and a LSU tie. As you could have guessed we are gonna sport a LSU theme! I think we will look nice!
   I have bought several new things to wear for this cruise. But I am not sure about what to bring, I mean it's going to be November, I guess I better check the weather for Mexico! Thank goodness I have BIG luggage! HAHA! I can't believe it is almost time for us to go! YAHOO!!!
      Lovie also surprise me with a new camera! We have been looking at it for awhile now since our cruise in May. We wanted one to take pictures while snorkeling...SOOOOO...Let me introduce to you my cute lil new camera...YES It's pink, SHOCKPROOF, WATERPROOF and FREEZPROOF! We can pics anywhere now! I am sooooooo excited! We CAN NOT wait to go snorkeling this trip! YAY US!
    Well I better finish my nails...I am going to try going to bed VERRA early tonight to see if I can get caught up on some sleep that "maybe" I am lacking?!? I found an AMAZING lil program for my IPhone called Easy Relax, it's a sound machine, it works great, so I am gonna turn that on after my nails dry and slumber off to lala land!


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