Happy birthday to ME...Even thou I shared it with Gustav!

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We had fun on our lil Labor Day get away even thou Gustav was coming. Our friends came up to meet us and the party started! We played quarters like college kids to get our minds off the storm! It was fun and TOO funny! We laughed SOOOOO much! My BFF and I got the giggles! It's fun to let ya hair down and be silly and not act your age every now and then! We still have a unfinished game left to play! LOL
Saturday we explored the town and found some really neat antique stores. As many times and Lovie and I have been there we didn't know they where there! We had fun treasure hunting! We had lunch and headed back to the campground. We had cupcakes and I opened my gift from our BFF's, it is a beautiful frame that will hold several pictures and has etched in the glass Memories...I will be filling it with pics of family and friends!
Gustav was getting closer, so our friends decided they better leave that night so they could make it home. Contraflow was going to start at 4am where we were in Mississippi. They made it home around 11pm. The man staying next to us left around midnight to go to Wal Mart and it took him three hours to get back! they had to start contraflow 2am due to the traffic getting so heavy. So thank goodness the left Saturday night when they did!
We bunkered down and got gas for the generator on Sunday. We settled in and waited for Gustav. He was to make land fall on Monday...Boy did he! The road all over the campground had trees all over them! The lights went out, but no problem we had the generator, right? WRONG...Their water pumping station did not work without power! SO...NO WATER! UGH Thank goodness we both had taken a hot shower the night before!
Lovie had to make his way out of the campground a couple times to get gas. The park workers had moved some of the trees enough for cars to pass. It was SOOOO dark way back in those woods! But we had some very nice people that were with us and we felt safe.
When we were FIANLLY able to come home, we were antsy to see our house to make sure it was ok! We had two report on it saying it was ok but we needed to see for ourselves. (not that we don't trust the two that told us, but we had to lay our eyes on it ya know) Nothing too terrible, LOTS of limbs downs, no trees thank goodness. We lost our lil carport and it really did a number on the hood of Lovie's lil rolling office (Mazda MPV). Broke the jack on the boat and it was FULL of water. Nice cracks above the doors and windows in the house! So I am NOT complaining, we were verra lucky!
10 days without power not too bad I would say. Now if Ike would just go away! But it is hurricane season, so that is all part of it I guess...Now I will leave ya with a few pics...



MY BIOTCH shoved a cupcake in my face...What a meanie!

But it was ALL GOOD!

Our BFF's TnT

My Lovie is TOO cute!

He bought me a critter cake the day of my B-Day...TOO CUTE!

National Guard coming to help!

HAHA...The man drivin' was BALD, FAT and OLD! TYPICAL!

Have a wonderful night!

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