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     Ok I don't "get into" politics...It's just boring and causes fusses that are just un called for! Well last night nothing was on TV and I had on ABC and they were talking about the Democratic yadayada...The news report was ALLL excited talking about how we were making HISTORY, blah blah blah... Take a gander for your self at what this NATION WIDE REPORTER said about the Democratic Candidate!


     This presidential election is just a joke this time around! I just might skip voting this time around! Would it make a difference anyway?

     Well or plans for Labor day have been changed thank to Gustav! Instead of heading toward the coast we are heading NORTH! Going to Mississippi! We are prolly staying till Tuesday afternoon or maybe Wednesday, as long as Gustav has passed on by and it is safe to go back home! We will be watching LSU play their first game Saturday afternoon...GEAUX TIGERS!!! Should be fun...Hope you and your have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Here is a lil look at Gustav!

     I am praying that he will die out some before he makes landfall on Tuesday! UGHHHH! Keep all the coast line in you prayers and thoughts too please! Goodnight & Sweet Disney Dreams!

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