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     Lovie and I have been NOTHING but L-A-Z-Y today!  Our BFF's came over last night, we watched the game and played on the Wii. Lovie grilled hot dogs and made chili cheese fries...YUMMY! My BFF and I drank us some beer and got giggly! But that didn't keep her from kickin' Lovie's butt in Wii bowling! HAHA
     I was to renew my  drivers license on 9/3 my birthday day but Gustav delayed that, so I went Friday to do it and they had closed early due to Ike...I hope they don't make me pay a penalty. I guess I will see  see when I go this week!
     We have 48 days till our cruise and I still have not ordered my shoes! We have to have a visit the Puppy Bed & Breakfast (with the girls of course!) I am ready to pack NOW! We are in need of a vacation after all these storms! Been a LIL stressful this summer...Lots of things coming up this fall, I AM READY!
     I am so ready for fall weather it's not even funny! This summer wasn't too bad, but I love fall. That is our biggest camping time! It's when we spend the most time with the family. I am ready to hit the road, but my Daddy went to work with the removal of the down trees around town and that will be for several weeks. And we are house hunting or going to start building sometime soon (prolly build). So we may not get to camp as much as normal this year, but we'll see.
    Well I am off to slumber...Need to take a huff on my inhaler and a benydril chest a lil tight! UGH! Have a great night and sweet dreams!


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