I am ready to blow this popsicle stand!

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    I feel like a waster an entire day, well I did! I didn't wake until 10:30am and then sat on my fannie all day, I did wash and dry a load of laundry! YAY ME! I took a soak in a hot bath and waited for Lovie to come home. We played eighteen holes on the Wii and then I came to my nest to do my nails. that was my day...Pretty boring huh?!? UGH...
    Gotta get the camper ready for our trip this weekend! I am soooooo ready to get out of town for a few days! A weekend of festival fun, fishing, music and good seafood what a way to close out the summer! AND LSU plays their first game Saturday night! GEAUX TIGERS! I am sure we will miss some of the game but we will be recording it while we are at the festival. THANK GOODNESS for satellite TV and DVR!
     Well time for the second coat on the nails...Have a wonderful night you way and have sweet Disney dreams!


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