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     Oh my goodness it is SOOO hot already! We went to my sister's Sunday for Father's Day and it was hot but then it rained and it did cool off thank goodness, we were able to sit outside! We had such a great peaceful visit with everyone. We all laughed and told stories of when we were little!
  It was a great day!
     My back is still kinda bothering me...What I mean is, it popped and the spin doesn't hurt any longer but the muscles and my sciatic nerve is hurting BAD! I had a appointment with a neurosurgeon, but after it popped I canceled the appointment...That was a mistake! I should have keep it! UGH! So I have been taking some meds to see if the will help and if not I will be calling the NS back to make ANOTHER appt.! I really don't want to have injections... =0(
     We have big plans and some dates set! Another cruise coming this November, Disney April 2009, then ANOTHER cruise September 2009!!! And some other big plans we are working on for 2009 that I will talk about later on!! BIG!!!
     I can not believe it is almost July already!!! Not much longer and my Great Nephew will be here! I am SOOOO excited! He is not due till early August, but I have a feeling he will be a lil early! I am ready to hold him!
     Well, I better get off here if I want to play my game, have to slumber early tonight, going to help my Daddy with my nephew and niece and the eye doctor tomorrow while Momma has tubes put in her tear ducts...This will make her eye's water less! Pretty neat huh! Our friend that is our and their eye doctor knows his stuff! YEAH Dr. Chad!


Goodnight & Sweet Disney Dreams!


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