My wish list - #1 A new spinal cord!

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     You guessed it...Down in my back AGAIN! I can't take it anymore! I am not sure this time what set it off. So, Lovie and I had decided it's to the doctor I go and no lolly gagging around with the physical therapy and junk, just give me the surgery and let get it over with! I am ready to be out of pain and out of this bed! Please say a lil prayer for my back...
     We have 166 days till our next cruise and we have ANOTHER book for Sep. 2009! YAHOOO! I am sooooo excited! BUT...Disney is going to be on the books too! I can't go another year without going, it is driving me nutty not going this year! UGH! I want to go where dreams come true!
     It will not be long now and my honey babies will be here for the summer! And then the newest edition to the family will arrive! It is going to be a VERRA busy & exciting summer! I can not wait! COME ON SUMMER...Well, the pain pills are kicking in so I will say goodnight, have giggly dreams!

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