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     Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! We started our out on Friday night at some friends of our's sons graduation party with the family. The food was wonderful and the crowd was large and rockin'!  But of course I couldn't get up and shake my booty because of my back....UGH! But we had fun with everyone!
     Saturday we went to New Orleans to the aquarium and the IMax Theater. Neither were what we expected...kinda bummed about that. We went to the river walk and shopped then hopped a trolley and headed to the quarter.

     We walked through the French Market and bought a few things then headed for a stroll through the quarter. We love the houses there! There were people everywhere, walking, riding bikes, just enjoying the Big Easy...
     I thought my back would really bother, but the only time it did is when we would stop walking, it was hard to start walking again. We headed back to Decatur Street to eat at Margaritaville Cafe. I had a cheeseburger in paradise...Verra yummy! We sat for a while to rest and I put my feet up! That helped to take the pressure off the ole back! UGH...
     We got back on the trolley and headed back to the car. On the way home we stopped by the campground were we use to be perms to visit with the owners and our friends. Everyone welcomed us with open arms and was excited to see it. It was great to see everyone and to catch up on things! It has been too long since we have been out there...I see a camping trip sometime soon so we can have a longer visit with them all.
     Today Lovie went to out river camp to cut the grass...Gotta get it ready for our honey babies, they are ready to go to the camp! I stayed home to rest my back (GAWD I feel old!) After he got home we snuggled down to watch a movie...Needless to say neither one of us made it through the movie! NAP CITY! We'll it is time to hit the hay again! Hope you have a giggly rest of your holiday!


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